Miilock - Intelligent protection of your bike

All new Miilock is engineered in such a way which you have never thought off the awesomeness beyond it.

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Technology beyond imagination

Which you have never thought before

Miilock is a digital device which intelligently secures your bike from being theft. It’s more wise than that you think off. It has many features which you haven’t thought off. It enables you to control your bike under your fingertip. All you need is an Android phone with few Kb’s of Internet. And that’s all. You are now ready to go with all new “Millock- Intelligent protection for your bike".

It enables user to remotely Start and Stop bike through smartphone. Not only this, It is engineered in such a way it protects your precious bike from being theft. Miilock – Powered by Atmel, Designed by Miitech is a superb device which starts buzzing through your bike if a shock or vibration is being placed on your bike. All you have to activate this Special feature “S+ Mode" through your Smartphone.

Engineering behind it !

Engineering behind it !

8 Mhz processor is quite efficient to have your work done without any lag and hence you can achieve a high speed performance through this device. A 2.4 Ghz signal frequency is being used by the device is satisfactorily for the communication between your phone and the device itself. One can achieve a communication of 200 meter distance from the phone and device without loosing any performance concern with a smooth user experience through BLE technology.

Our Commitment !

We dont assure, We commit !
We assure that you will just love the technology beyond this device. Still it’s a Bluetooth device but you can take control over the cloud infrastructure (SaaS). Our device is well engineered taking into the consideration of the coming trends in IT life. Just grab few keynotes about Miilock from here and you will come to know better about the device and technology beyond it. We don’t assure you about the awesomeness of technology but we commit!


Miilock comes with limited one year warranty under few terms and conditions.

  • Device must be installed by an authorized Miilock technician or a well experienced motorbike technician.

  • Hampering of authenticity seal on device may result to void the warranty.

  • Keep Miilock away from sunlight, moisture under a rated product specification mentioned on warranty card that comes along with the device.

  • Original purchase invoice is mandatory to avail warranty. 

  • For more go through the user manual that comes along the device.

Activating your Miilock

Its easy as abc !

After successful installation and connection of Miilock, Go to the Register option in app for first time and fill the necessary details which includes Device Serial number that is printed on device box itself. 

Register and enjoy using Miilock. Remember, Mobile Number is mandatory to recover lost password in future. Don’t share your Miilock User and Password to others to avoid loosing authenticity.

The App

Miilock is love and you can find on Playstore itself

Privacy Policy

We care your privacy !

Your privacy is important to us. Please read our privacy policy from the link below.